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We are dreamweavers and memory makers,
designers and atmosphere creators.
Innovators not imitators.
Sharing positive energy, leaving negative Space.
Serving anyone, Not for everyone.

We are dreamweavers and memory makers, designers and atmosphere creators. Innovators not imitators. Sharing positive energy, leaving negative Space. Serving anyone, Not for everyone.

Photo of owner Heather McMichen



Bringing joy to others by hosting, baking and entertaining was my first true love. I grew up in a home, really a community, where food was a conduit for the expression of love; for me, hosting was always a natural extension of that. I started helping my Grannan throw parties when I was still very young. She taught me so much about grace, warmth, wit, fortitude and striking a balance between a strong work ethic and a joyful family life. She and I were always a team and even though I started the business after her passing, it’s named for our partnership – her middle name was Pearl and mine is Sky. My mama and stepmom also provided a childhood full of art, expression, creation and enthusiasm so it’s safe to say that my family very much made me the person and professional that I am today.

Before transitioning to events full time in 2011, I worked in restaurants spanning the gamut from dive bars to Michelin-rated establishments. As such, the service industry mindset drives many aspects of the business. I also have a background in interior design which translates beautifully to event design; even though the very nature of an event is transient, I believe that form and function should be considered equally during the design process. (That’s why seating charts are my favorite thing to design in unexpected ways.) And as the daughter of a retired ecologist, my affinity for sustainability, botanicals and floral design blossomed quite naturally. I have a genuine passion for creating captivating floral art and for doing so in a way that is least harmful to our Earth.

My husband, Nathan, and I have a small OTP ATL acreage and we take such joy in tending to the property and making it our own. Our 3 year old son, Maxwell, is the most vibrant, loquacious, genuinely caring little soul and being his Mama is my greatest joy in life. We happily share our homestead with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 8 chickens. My perfect evening is hosting a dinner party with friends and family, complete with kitchen dancing, board game playing and my hubby’s tasty cocktails! I also cherish a quiet night on our little homestead with just my boys, our furbabies and that big open sky.

ETHOS ────────

Thoughtful details are the hallmark of Pearl & Sky events. At your event, as in life, you should be surrounded by what (and who) means the most to you. We believe in intimate celebrations of all sizes.

Attentive service and genuine hospitality are the backbone of our business. We take great pride in the care we show to our clients. In turn, we understand how highly our clients value their guests’ experience.

Inclusive literally means without exception. We are proud to serve clients of all races, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. Love is love is love is love is love and yours should be celebrated.

Sustainable measures are vital to our continued existence. At Pearl & Sky, we know that it is our responsibility to strive for more sustainable practices, particularly in an industry like floral design that can be so wasteful. We do not use petrochemical-filled floral foam and avoid single use plastics whenever possible. We compost our green waste in various ways. We are tending to a modest but ever expanding variety of cut flowers in addition to everything else we grow on our homestead. Learn more @dreamweaverfarmga.

Trust is necessary for any healthy partnership. Trust in our creative process is the key to truly great ideas and we want our clients to trust us implicitly. Similarly, we choose to have candor in our communication and transparency in our practices.

Nathan Huffstetler

Inventory Manager. Transportation Coordinator. Strike Aficionado.

An Atlanta native, Nathan has spent most of his career focused on exceptional service at some of the nation’s best restaurants – including The Restaurant at Meadowood where he was an integral part of the team that won a James Beard Award for Best Service. During his time in Napa Valley, Nathan gained invaluable exposure to some of the world’s most coveted wines and had the opportunity to learn directly from the winemakers and growers themselves. These experiences only lead Nathan further into the wine business upon his return to Atlanta; he now represents a portfolio of incredible domestic and international producers at one of Georgia’s most exciting distributors.

In 2020, Nathan began taking lead on inventory management and organization for Pearl and Sky as well as handling transportation coordination. He has also created systems for more efficient installs and strikes which has been invaluable to our growth as a company. Nathan’s experience working in a 3 Michelin Star dining room means that every serving piece on a Pearl and Sky table is impeccably set. 

Nathan’s love of gardening has also led him to work towards soil health on the homestead he shares with Heather and their son, Max. Together they grow flowers for use in Pearl and Sky productions in addition to the vegetable crops Nathan grows for their family. 

Kyah Wallace

Maker. Designer. Installation Architect.

Kyah has a long history of creativity, starting as a child, growing up with artist parents in Gainesville, Florida. Kyah attended Savannah College of Art and Design where she received a BFA in Textile Design with a focus in printmaking. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Atlanta and began working at Anthropologie as a Display Coordinator and Visual Merchandiser. 

After years of continuously making flower-related art, Kyah decided to pursue her love of flowers and began freelancing for various floral designers around Atlanta. Fun Fact – Kyah and Heather first bonded over shared morning sickness on a scissor lift while freelancing for another floral designer on NYE 2018. Kyah’s incredible artistry and craftsmanship provides our clients unparalleled access to one-of-commissioned pieces. 

Kyah lives in OTP Atlanta with her husband and their two children – Ellie and Finn. They have a big yard on a river where their two giant, fluffy dogs and two cats can run free. 

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